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Triumph Rocket 3 Lift

Lifting the Giant Rocket 3 is easy using Big Blue, there are just 2 mount options for this bike with earlier models using the 12mm version changing to 8mm around 2010.

The rear mount point is situated under and at the rear of the crankcase with holes as shown in the diagram at point “A” so after measuring and deciding the size required for your bike you simply order the correct set from the drop down menu. The lift is supplied with assembly and fitting instructions and these are also available to view from our Instructions Download page. Setting up to lift is easy with the Rocket 3 as the front mount assists to hold the bike in a vertical position while fitting the rear mount but we do recommend the use of our Bikegrab Wheel Chock to assist you in the lifting process, this way there can be no mis-haps!

Once the lift is set up and ready to raise all you need is a high torque 2 speed power drill with the Drive Adaptor we supply with the lift and using a 22mm socket your bike will be “Safely” airborne, wheel Free in seconds ready for any type of work needed.

Big Blue can also be Raised and LOCKED for the Ultimate protection of your bike, what’s more you can store it up on the garage wall when not in use “Something you cannot do with a Hydraulic/pneumatic Workbench”??

Big Blue is load tested in excess of 2000kg (2 metric tons) “Without Failure” so you can rest assured, It will Never Let You Down! Big Blue has proved itself with an unblemished record for reliability, safety and value for money through all continents so you can rest assured that it really will  “Last You For Life”

Remove your Wheels to fit new tyres, change the rear suspension take out the Front Forks or just Clean the Bike, You CAN with Big Blue, The Ultimate Motorcycle Lift!

If you have any questions, please contact us for advice.

IMPORTANT! – To check size please click here to view diagram 
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Please measure the diameter of point A (highlighted on the diagram above).

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Rocket 3 LiftRocket 3 Lift

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