Sports & Superbike Motorcycle Lift

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Eazyrizer Original Red lift for all Sports Motorcycles

Original Red gives you the freedom to do things on your bike that others can only dream of, Quit grovelling around on the floor its time to get your Eazyrizer, Remove Wheels, Front Forks, Rear Swing Arm  and suspension gear WITH EASE! It really does not matter what bike you ride, the latest and fastest race bike, we have the setup for you!

The Original Red Eazyrizer Lift has been tested to 2000kg (2 ton) and uses a Failsafe, High Tensile Screw-shaft for raising and lowering the motorcycle so you can rest assured it will Never Let You Down!

The most popular mounts used for Sports/Road/Race bikes with the Red lift is the Standard Foot-peg mount set, these accommodate pegs up to 36mm wide and used on all inline Fours, Triples, V Fours and twins and there is also the V Twin Front Mount option that is used with Ducati/Suzuki models in conjunction with the Foot-peg rear assembly. The Ducati Panigale has its own dedicated mount set and in addition to these type of bikes there is also the option of lifting them by the wheels using the Wheel Mount set.

With some older Sports/Race machines they may have pegs wider than 36mm so in this case you will need to order the Heavy Duty Footpeg mount set.

Please note that, “Despite the name” the “Foot-peg” mount set does not use the pegs to lift the Bike, this is done from the frame as the mounts sit directly under the pivot point and places the load into the frame, the pegs however are used to Secure the Bike to the Lift by means of “U” bolts that hold them firmly down. It may be worth noting that that when employing the Foot-peg mount system some assistance is needed to hold the bike vertical and for this we recommend using our BikeGrab wheel chock stand.

Unlike Motorcycle workbench/hydraulic table lift imports there are no nasty hydraulics so you and your bike are safe and secure with the knowledge that Eazyrizer will never let you down! You can even hang the Eazyrizer up on the workshop wall out of the way when not in use, Try doing that with a workbench?

If you are concerned about theft then Don’t Be? Lift your bike up to maximum height with your Eazyrizer then Padlock it UP There! The Ultimate deterrent.

EazyRizer is British Made and it comes to you with a Lifetime Guarantee!!

If you need help or assistance deciding what is best for you just give us a call. 01827 61754

If you have any questions, please contact us for advice.

Currently the Original Red is out of stock, we estimate a lead-time of 4-6 weeks… in the meantime, why not consider the Big Blue? Click here to learn more!

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Weight 36.4 kg
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Beam Mount Set, Frame Mount Set, Heavy Duty F-Peg Mount Set, Side Stand Housing, Standard F-Peg Mount Set, V-Twin Front Mount, Wheel Mount Set

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