Warning OF Product Infringement


Customer, Please take care... The past months have seen high rates of Social media and Internet website based Fraud relating to the fictitious copies and “Falsely Claimed Sales” of our products!

Big Blue and Eazyrizer Red Motorcycle Lifts have now become the focus of Chinese Scammers who have Stolen vast amounts of our companies commercial website advertising materials including pictures, videos and word for word text in a truly sick attempt to trick their victims with FAKE offers of our Blue & Red lifts at prices of £35 - $39USD including Free Worldwide delivery!!!

At first this appeared to be completely ridiculous but as months pass we have heard many sad stories of victims handing over money in good faith with obvious outcome?

Quasar Products Ltd notified the media concerned but to date, have received little assistance
Please take this warning very seriously and advise friends & family in order to protect them, your cooperation is greatly appreciated.
Best regards from Quasar Team.

With Big Blue Lifts now supplied to customers as SpaceX California & Harley Davidson Europe; you can be sure your bike is in safe hands.

Big Blue Lift

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big blue the ultimate motorcycle lift !

Eazyrizer Big Blue *Will Safely * Lift Your Motorcycle! "Guaranteed"

Trying to work Safely on a motorcycle can be impossible at times, even very uncomfortable while crawling around on the garage floor, Guess you may have already been there? Maybe its time to stop suffering!

Eazyrizer Big Blue the Professional Motorcycle Lift has the answer to all your problems, It employs a simple yet totally "Failsafe" High Tensile Trapezoidal Screwshaft to do the lifting, all you need is your power drill or cordless to do the work for you. There are No nasty cheap imported Hydraulics on our lifts to let you down! Big Blue weighs in at just 35 kg and is fitted with wheels for moving into position in and around the workshop or even outdoors giving you the choice and ease of how and where you want to use it!

Big Blue will lift "Any Motorcycle" with it's unrivalled immense capacity of 750kg (1650lb) and being Load Tested to 2000kg (4400lbs) with Incredible Stability provided by Its large footprint. No other lift comes close to the Stability, Strength and Safety provided by BIG BLUE with its unique ability to Lift ALL types of motorcycle WHEELS FREE to waist height, with ease in just seconds.

We offer customers with unusual requirements a bespoke service to fulfil their needs backed by our 21 years of experience leading the way in the motorcycle lift industry. In fact, It was us "Quasar Products Ltd" who Invented the Worlds First "Motorcycle Lift" in order to give bikers the opportunity to work on their bike without losing their garage to the old fashioned, unreliable & bulky hydraulic-pneumatic platform lift workbench.

When It's not in use you can simply store it up on the garage wall out of the way to free up your valuable floor space! Thats something a conventional motorcycle workbench can never offer you weighing in at 200kg or more and taking over your garage?

Eazyrizer motorcycle lifts come to you with a FREE SET OF MOUNTS whatever your bike, Included in the price!

Our range of mounts are designed so your bike will be securely locked down to the lift for maximum safety and security and whats more you can even LOCK the LIFT in the raised position giving you the ULTIMATE THEFT DETERRENT ! The lift simply cannot be lowered until You Unlock It !!

 Eazyrizer Big Blue Motorcycle Lifts are GuaranteeD FOR LIFE !

The choice of lift is Simple, Big Blue Eazyrizer - One Lift for All Bikes - Harley Davidson, Triumph Rocket 3,  Honda Goldwing GL1800,  BMW K1600, CanAm Spyder RT/F3/Ryker and more, right down to 125cc runabouts - So, whatever bike you have? You Can be Sure that Big Blue WILL Lift It!

EazyRizer lifts have been Tested by Lloyds Konecranes in excess of 2,000kg and hold full CE Certification! Both lifts will effortlessly raise your bike to a comfortable working height of around 75cm (2ft 6in) and gives full 360deg of uninterrupted access Including the underside of the bike for when maintaining, servicing or cleaning. That is something an awkward, bulky and unreliable Hydraulic Table lift can never offer you??

EazyRizer motorcycle lifts employ a unique interchangeable range of mounts - fittings that enable you to lift any motorbike old or new. These mounts are interchangeable in seconds, some of them common to both the Red and the Blue Lift others to be used only on the Big Blue. Mainly the Beam mount set & Foot-peg mount sets are the most popular and can be found in the gallery along with Dedicated Mount Sets. All Mount sets are shown in situ on lifts to enable you to visualise their fitment.

Beam Mount set  for Harley Davidson motorcycles and other machines that have a Duplex (twin rail) frame providing you with a Flat, Level lifting platform that can be adjusted to any position that suits your machine. They also protect your bikes paintwork with High Density Nitrile bonded Rubber pads and come equipped with Security "J" bolts to Lock the bike firmly down to the lift, again these are fully protected against damaging the bikes paintwork!

Standard Footpeg mounts For all modern Sports, Road & Race machines with footpegs up to 37mm wide. Please be aware that No Load is applied to the pegs. The mounts are designed to lift under the pivot (hinge) of the pegs where they fix to the frame, two U Bolts are supplied that Lock the Bike Down to the lift for Security!

Heavy Duty Footpeg mounts These are used mainly on older motorcycles and bikes with pegs from 38mm to 60mm Wide. The mounts gallery has High Resolution Images available to enable you to make a clear decision on the mounts that will suit your application and there are also many videos show how they are applied, To View please Click the link Above

The Navigation Menu's above will give you further information on Lift/Mount compatibility for your bike. Please note that some "Dedicated Mounts" can only be used with the Big Blue Professional lift. This will become clear when you select your category and at the point of ordering as the mount options will be shown in the drop down menu. In some cases such as Scooters it may be necessary to employ our mounts on a mix and match basis, you can view more of this in our mounts gallery also via our downloadable PDF Instructions.

Our products are Totally British Made at the Tamworth factory with over 40,000 "Forty Thousand" Lifts & Stands in use globally supplied via our network of International Distributors. Our sole aim is your total satisfaction and value for money. For this reason we give you a 30 day Money Back Guarantee.

Please call for assistance : UK 01827 61754   -  Non UK + 44 1827 61754

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